Gerry Lelievre, Tes Boucher-Miller, Bill Stinson, Judi Haines, Steve Kelly

Title Name Telephone
President Steve Kelly 613-422-1318
Vice President-Operations Gerry Lelievre 613-225-0333
Vice President- Social Judi Haines 613-741-5260
Treasurer Bill Stinson 613-830-7420
Secretary Tes Boucher-Miller 613-761-8846
Other Info    
League Commissioner Jim Coke  
(Honourary Position)    
Umpire-in-Chief Bob Belter 613-523-4420
Selects Team Manager Shawn Argue 613-227-2726
League Photographer John Flanders
Website Manager Ron Fedoruk
Email Manager Bob Donnelly
League Email Address
RA CENTRE   613-733-5100
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  2016 Executive

L. to R: Gerry Lelievre, Geoff Chase, Debbie Schryburt, Steve Kelly, Bill Stinson

2016 Executive

L. to R: Gary Fleming, Geoff Chase, Steve Kelly, Gerry Lelievre, Debbie Schryburt

  2015 Executive

Front row: Nancy Bow - VP Social, Dick Dinelle - President, Gary Fleming - Treasurer
Back row: Ray Spooner - VP Operations, Geoff Chase - Secretary

2013 Executive   

Pat Fish - VP Operations, Liz Chase - Secretary, Gary Fleming - Treasurer,
Nancy Bow - VP Social, Dick Dinelle - President

  2011 Executive

Gerry Seguin - VP Operations, Andy Bullard - Interim Treasurer, Dick Dinelle - President, John Delong - Interim Secretary, Gail Wendell - VP Social


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