Selects Tournament, July 8-9, 2017
The Ottawa Capitals won the tournament with the Selects taking the Consolation title.
Photos Here


Left to right: Tom Medaglia, Larry Lyonnais, Mac MacDonald, Bill Healy, Les Nalezinski, Dave Tripp (captain), Ed Emond, Pat Fish, Geoff Chase (assistant captain), David Fox (manager)
Absent are: Brain Sallie, Bryan Ferguson, Gerry Brennan

Front Row: Bryan Ferguson, Dave Tripp, Captain, Geoff Chase, Co-Captain, Edward Emond
Middle Row: David Fox, Manager, Gord Rowlee, Bill Healy, Brian Sallie, Mac MacDonald, Tom Medaglia
Back Row: Jim Claydon, Larry Lyonnais, Pat Fish

Selects vs. Rochester - 2015
Selects vs. Kingston - 2015


Front Row: Geoff Chase, Mike Pitre, Dave Tripp - C, Pat Fish
Back Row: Tom Medaglia, Mac MacDonald, Brian Sallie, Edward Emond, Jim Claydon, Bill Healy, Gord Rowlee, Larry Lyonnais, David Fox - Team Mgr

Selects vs. Rochester - 2014


Front row: Mike Petrie, Gord Rowlee, Paul Brisson, Dave Tripp - C, Gerry Seguin, Jim Claydon, Bill Healy
Back Row: Tom Medaglia, Larry Lyonnais, Rob McKibbon, Al Best, Dick Dinelle, Peter Schryburt - GM, Geoff Chase - Co-C, Mac MacDonald

Selects vs. Rochester - 2013
Selects Photos - 2013


Selects vs. Rochester - 2012
Selects Photos - 2012


Front Row: Gerry Séguin, Paul Brisson, John Delong - C, Dave Tripp - Co-C, Monica McGahey
Back Row: Jean-Marc Deschênes, Gord Rowlee, Dick Dinelle, Liz Chase, Brian Sallie, Jack Gould, Rob McKibbon
Missing: Tom Medaglia, Marcel Carriere, Peter Schryburt - Mgr

Selects vs. Rochester - 2011
Selects vs. Rochester - 2010
Selects vs. Rochester - 2009
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