The playoffs will run for four weeks, starting August 22. Each team will play three games. The resulting standings from those games will determine placement for the final games on September 12.

As much as possible, each team is scheduled to face a variety of team strength in its three games. Every team has at least one home game.

League rules apply, concerning spares, tie games, play in the 7th inning, etc. Although run differential is still part of the tie-breaking method, a limit of seven (7) per game is allowed. Note, the home team does not bat in the last inning if they have won the game.

The Championship games on September 12 will be played to a conclusion, with no tie and no tie-breaker.

2017 Rules have not changed.
Please see: League Handbook

Last year there were some variations between the two divisions. The following items are in effect this year:

Home Runs
There is no limit on the number of home runs a player may hit during a game.

3e) Every play on a runner at any base is a "force play", and there is no need for the defender to "tag" the runner if the defender has the ball clearly in possession and is touching some portion of the base or plate.

New players especially, should note the following detail.
f)i) Base runners approaching second or third base
may overrun the base after touching it. However, collisions must be avoided. If defending players are close to the base, the base runner is encouraged to run beside the base on the side opposite the fielding play. It is not necessary to touch the base before running past it.

ii) A base runner that runs past a base without touching it, must touch the base before advancing.

Note 1: After overrunning a base, if a player attempts to advance (in the umpires judgement), the base runner is at risk of being put out. As per 3 (e), this is a force play.

Note 2: A defender may not block the path of a base runner. See rule 4 c) Obstruction



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